Masterwork USA is a


A Leader in packaging equipment manufacturing

Ranking #1 in China/East Asia and second globally. Masterwork’s Sales exceeding $550M per year and is currently a public listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With the staff approaching 1,000 and manufacturing facilities covering over one million square feet. We are proud to be one of the top packaging equipment manufacturers in the world.

Leading through Innovation

Through passion and generous funding in R&D and innovation. Masterwork has achieved leaps from sheet-fed to web-fed, from cardboard to corrugated paper, from a single unit to duo platen machines. All of which is coupled with quality, reliability and an unwavering commitment to our clients and partners.

Maximizing Value

Masterwork’s mantra of providing our clients with the highest value for their dollars has led to a position of quality and cost competitiveness. Our unwavering commitment to value is always reflected in the machine’s performance to price ratio, quality to price ratio and high standard service.

Leading with Proprietary Technology

Masterwork is a leading provider of printing finishing and packaging equipment catering to the folding carton and corrugated board industry. Masterwork has over 20 years of experience in remanufacturing print finishing and packaging equipment, with a recognized market leading position.

Solutions for Everyone

Masterwork offer value centric, economical and affordable solutions for all sizes of companies and clients in the folding carton and print finishing industry. Our advanced offerings include Industrial Die-Cutting machines, Hot Foil Stamping machines, Web-fed Die Cutting machines, Sheet-fed Inspection machines, Folder Gluer machines, as well as the unique Duo-press machines.

Innovation and Development

Through constant efforts in research and development, Masterwork has achieved a number of advances and leaps; from sheet-fed to web-fed operation, from cardboard processing to corrugated processing, and from single platen print finishing equipment to duo platen print finishing equipment. Through our dedicated focus on innovation, Masterwork have developed the world’s first and only duo platen print finishing machine that is capable of running up to four tasks (foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting as well as stripping and blank separation) in one pass.

What do we offer?

Masterwork Machinery's success came from a simple ideas

Develop the best feature set, high performance, reliable printing and packaging machinery in the market, with the best value to price point.

Our mission came from a realization that competitor offerings in this category are not up to par with our idea. Our focus on quality is absolute. The quality of printing or packaging for our target customers is highly dependent on the
effectiveness of the equipment employed.

MK USA have since taken a leading market position when it comes to foil stamping, die cutting, automated packaging, folder gluer and printing inspection equipment.

Key Facts: A Reputation Built on Performance and Results

  • Founded in 1995, we have well over 20 years of experience in developing the best foil stamping, die cutting and other related equipment
  • Our growth trajectory has led our company going public, listing in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with annual revenues surpassing $550M
  • With staff approaching 1,000 and facilities that span over 90,000 square meters, we have the scale to cater to a very notable and demanding client set across 20 countries across the globe
  • MK USA is well recognized in the Printing Equipment Manufacturing Industry, our several awards include “The best Aggregate Index of Economic” and Excellent Brand for Chinese Packaging”