Die Cutting Machine ProMatrix 106CS

Automatic Die-cutting and Embossing Machine

Die Cutting Machine Promatrix 106 CS

Product highlights

Professional die-cutting, creasing and embossing has never been made easier than with the PROMATRIX 106CS machine. With an output of 8,000 sheets per hour and short set-up times it takes productivity and cost-effectiveness to a whole new level.

With its 760 x1,060 format, the PROMATRIX 106CS machine ideally complements all printing presses of the Speedmaster® model range in the 70×100 format up to the Speedmaster XL 106.

Think of Masterwork USA for all your industrial die-cutting and stripping equipment needs.

Product features

  • Nonstop feeder with suction head quick adjustment
  • Suction belt table with central quick adjustment for rollers and brushes, ultrasonic double sheet detection and gripper opening in case of misaligned sheets
  • Pneumatic clamping of cutting plate with a fine adjustment
  • Pneumatic locking of quick lock chase
  • Cassette for stripping board with fine adjustment; test sheet removal
  • Upper stripping frame with quick lock and fine adjustment; frame lift
  • Register system in each station up to the stripping station
  • Motorized adjustment of brake brush power
  • Non-stop delivery with rolling carpet

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See what the ProMatrix 106CS can do

Technical Data ProMatrix 106 CS
The maximum sheet size 1060mmX760mm / 41.73 x 29.92In
The minimum sheet size 350mmX300mm / 13.78 x 11.81In
The maximum die cutting size 1060mmX745mm 41.73 x 29.33In
Gripper margin 9~17mm (0.35~0.67)
Inner chase size 1120mm x 779mm / 44.09x 39.66In
Stock range Sheet Weight(g/m2) 90 ~ 2000g / Sheet Thickness 0.1 ~ 2mm
Die cutting accuracy Less then 4 mm (corrugated paper)
Maximum pressure 2.6MN
Maximum working speed 8000s/h
Maximum sheet feeding pile 1150mm 45.27In (With Pallet)
Maximum sheet delivery pile 1000mm 39.37In (With Pallet)
Overall dimension 6400mm x 4100mm x 2510mm / 251.97 x 161.81 x 98.82 (inch)
Weight Apr. 16T