MK 550/650/800/1000FBII Folder Gluer Machine

We designed the MK550/650/800/1000FBII lineup with efficiency, productivity and quality as the mission.

At Masterwork, we created our Folder Gluer Machines to complete tasks with high precision and stability. Folder Gluer Machines are a staple in the print packaging industry. This well-built gluer is capable of folding Standard box, Crash-lock box, Mini box, Injection box, CD box, Inside box, Fries box, and 4/6 Corner box. Its modular design allows the set up of jobs and testing an easy task.

Product highlights

Folder Gluer Machines are a staple in the print packaging industry. Our units serve multiple types of companies, from food manufacturers to office equipment producers. High quality packaging requires efficiency, high quality machine parts and automation.

Masterwork USA offer the MK550/650/800FBII/ Diana folder gluer line, designed for versatile function in print packaging, whether you are a commercial printer or a trade finisher. The Diana gluer is smarter and a more advanced version of the MKBFBII gluer. This gluer come with options to add-on auto feeding, auto packing and auto inspection. We have several notable clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico who use these machines.

Product features

  • The feeding section comprises of feed heads, vibration motor as well as a step-less speed control. This make sure that feeds are smooth and double intake does not happen
  • The pre-folding section has upper and lower belts, folding belts as well as folding blades. This lets the machine do a pre-fold in a hundred eighty degrees and a third pre-fold in one hundred thirty five degrees
  • Aluminum materials and construction with coating to make sure that the surface is easily adjusted and is also strong and light
  • The folder gluer machine has a crash lock bottom folding system by using a hook and higher gluing roller
  • The lower glue pot is constructed with a large-spaced design for accurate control of glue to ensure that there is no mess created during high speed operation
  • There is an optional German electronic gluing mechanism that features two glue guns and two electronic sensors
  • To provide easy production counts, a batch counting mechanism is included
  • The machine has a delivery section where finished materials are gathered and packed
  • PLC control directs the interaction of the motor and section that conveys product, letting you check product length, status and other details

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