A Look At
Our Milestones
See how Masterwork USA has evolved


Our business has grown dramatically since Masterwork Machinery Co was founded. Today we serve all major geographic markets. The driving factor behind this accomplishment is our focus on innovation, research and development and a constant dedication to the highest service we can provide. Our products are quality comparable with the leading suppliers in the world, but our cost points are affordable. This makes Masterwork products an easy choice.

“Simply put, we lead other packaging equipment manufacturers by driving your business with high-quality, reliable solutions at a lower cost. The timeline below captures our story.”

  • 2010-Present


    Major participating exhibitor at DRUPA print media fair in 2012
    As the major showcase of advanced printing equipment throughout the entire world, DRUPA is held every four years in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. By joining the set of leading companies represented at the fair, Masterwork has further fortified its distinction amongst the most premier packaging equipment manufacturers.


    Finished Development of the MK420Q Full Sheet Automatic Inspection Machine
    This high-speed device is indicative of the excellence that Masterwork passes on to you by guaranteeing that each and every one of your printed cartons or other containers are precisely completed according to a PDF proof. Imperfections are quickly detected, allowing for all of your packages to be rigorously tested for issues that can affect client perception.


    Introduced to the Stock Exchange in Shenzhen
    As yet another marker of Masterwork’s prestige, the introduction into the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is a testament to our steady growth through satisfied and happy customers.

  • 2000-2009


    Development of the MK550P Autopack and MK420 Qualifilter
    Both the MK550P Autopack and MK420MINI Qualifilter are developed to enhancing productivity while reducing the cost of labor. By using the MK550P, to further ensure accuracy, you can use the MK420MINI Qualifilter to reject defective prints or packaging with ease.


    Introduction of the MK1450ER and MK1060ER Die Cutter With Blanking Function
    Due to increasing concerns about the safety of your workers and the need for efficient, increased automation, Masterwork successfully created both the MK1450ER and MK1060ER Die Cutter with Blanking Function. These affordable units reduce workload and enhance productivity. Complete with stripping and blanking separation functions, these machines deliver a total packaging solution to your business.


    Presentation of the Newly Developed MK3920SW Web-Fed Three Station Press
    Premised on remaining versatile and productive, the MK3920SW Web-Fed Three Station Press continued to demonstrate Masterwork’s commitment to innovation and practicality for our clients.


    Development of the MK1060 Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine Series
    The MK1060 Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine was developed with our client’s needs in mind, as the machine itself was created to optimize user-friendliness and automation. Your business benefits with this industrial packaging equipment developed specifically to compete with others in the 21st century, putting your company’s ahead of others when it comes to improved die cutting, embossing, and foil stamping productivity.


    Introduction of MK920SS Two Station Press
    Developed specifically to double the productivity of other foil stamping machines in the same span of time, the MK920SS Two Station Press stands as a testament to our focus on efficiency and quality. With high levels of control over the defect rate, less paper feeding, and shorter intervals of time between jobs, you can truly take your business to the next level with this innovation from 2005.


    Company Joined DRUPA
    DRUPA, a fair held every four years in Germany, is home to the most prestigious packaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Our company is extremely proud to share in this greatness and innovation since 2004.


    Became CE Certified
    CE Certification by the European Union ensures that our products meet the regulations prescribed for items sold in the European Economic Area and beyond. This Certification ensures the safety and quality of our industrial packaging machines and printing equipment that will help take your business to the next level.


    Development of the MK1050II
    With critical demand in mind, Masterwork’s MK1050II machine was manufactured specifically to meet your company’s demands for folding cartons for various substances such as cigarettes, medicine, liquor, gifts, and more, even when foil stamping is involved. With sophistication beyond its time that allows for precision and quality, no job is too complicated for this piece of machinery.


    ISO 9001 Certification by BVQI
    As a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification since 1828, ISO 9001 Certification from the Bureau Veritas Group is a guarantor of quality management. We have proudly been operating under this certification since 2001, giving our clients yet another reason to choose Masterwork USA.

  • 1990-1999


    Introduction of the 1020 Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine
    As one of the earliest innovations of the Masterwork Machinery Co., the 1020 Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine is an example of the leading proprietary technology that has long since defined our brand and placed us at the forefront of all industrial packaging manufacturers.


    Development of the Folder Gluer Machine
    Designed with both present and future packaging needs in mind, the Folder Gluer Machine is the epitome of user-friendliness, accuracy, and outstanding performance when production is in a high-speed environment. Developing this machine just two years after our founding truly set the stage for further innovation.


     Technology for Hologram Stamping Developed
    The development of this integral technology early in our company allowed for further progress to be made, particularly when it came to foil stamping technology as it related to hologram stamping technology as well.


    Development of the Cylinder Stamping Machine
    As our very first major milestone, the innovation behind the Cylinder Stamping Machine led to further development as our company grew. The precision accomplished with this very first creation led our research and development team to aspire to greater achievements, allowing our company to become what it is today.