Die Cutting Machines

Large format die cutting is vital across several different categories in the printing and packaging industry. At Masterwork, we have designed a set of machines to meet a number of specific needs and demands. Our machines use principles of sustainability, efficiency and automation with our focus on value for price.

Die cutting machines offered by Masterwork USA are designed to reduce man hours and increase production throughput. The success of your business is our success. Explore our offerings in North America:

Die-Cutter with Blanking & Die-Cutter with Deep Embossing

Masterwork Machinery Die-Cutting Equipment

The MK1060MF is an entry level automated die cutting machine with stripping capabilities. Built to achieve fast makereadies and operator friendly operation.The MK1060MF delivers accurate, high volume, cost-effective operation. The MK1060MF brings you a high return on your investment.

The MK1060ERsl is an entry level automated die-cutting machine with stripping and blanking capabilities. The MK1060ERsl promises high production and fast return on investment by standardizing many features and having excellent built quality.

Heidelberg & MK-CHINA