Year: 2015

Automatic Sheet Fed inspection machine

Sheet Size: 420mm x 350mm (16.54″ x 13,78″)

Machine Description:
This demo model automatic sheet inspection machine is equipped with four detection cameras and auto stacking for maximum performance and production. It can be used to inspect all products from foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, printing, color, and damage.
With your customer’s expectations for quality forever increasing, and combining new legislations in the pharmaceutical/beauty product businesses, it becomes critical that every carton is perfect. Integrating an automatic sheet inspection machine will be essential to ensure maximal quality coming out of your production facility.

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Price: $248,000


Year: 2009

Duo platen foil and die-cutting machine with stripping

Sheet Size: B1 (1060mm or 41″)

Year: 2009

Hours: 20,000

Machine Description:
Automatic die-cutting, foil stamping and stripping combination machine. This machine brings value to customers that have jobs that require passes through both die-cutting and foil stamping machine. It simplifies the process of production for such complicated jobs, allowing foil stamping and die-cutting to be done in one pass with a stripped final product. This reconditioned model had been through extensive services and testing, it hold perfect factory register and is truly one of a kind opportunity.

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Price: $515,000

MK1050E Ecopress

Year: 2017

Automatic Platen Die-Cutting Machine With Stripping

Sheet Size: 1050mm or 105cm

Max Speed: 6,000 s/h

Machine Description:
The MK1050E eco press is an entry level 41″ die cutter with stripping. The maximum speed is rated at 7,500s/h and max 2.5MN working force.


Maximum Sheet Size: 1050mm x 750mm

Minimum Sheet Size: 400mm x 360mm

Convertible Stock: Cardboard: 0.1 – 2mm (90-2000g/sm)

Corrugated: =< 4.0mm

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Price: $195,000


Year: 2012

Masterwork Automatic Folder Gluer

Max Carton Size: 800mm x 600mm

Max Speed: 400 m/m

Machine Description:
MK’s best selling folder gluer refurbished to new machine standards. Castiron body, built with long life expectancy and stability in mind.

Year: 2012 
– Crush Lock Tools 
– 4 & 6 Corner Device 

MK800FBII is a second generation Masterwork Folder Gluer. It’s fully cast iron body ensures stability and long life expectancy of the equipment. 

Available Sheets: 200-650gsm, E,F,N, flute corrugated 
Maximum Speed:400m/min 
Box Style: Standard, Double sides, Crashlock Box, 4 Corner Box 6 Corner Box* 
Dimensions: 13700mm * 1870mm *2200mm 
Voltage: 17KW,380V

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Price: $120,000

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