Duopress Machine Model 920SS

First choice for high-end cigarette packages, Special creation for the top-quality packaging and your demand

MK920SS Foil Stamping Machine


  • Strong suction head, 4 lifting and 5 forwarding suction cups. The suction head can be adjusted to the angle for various stock quality.
  • When the sheets arrive at the front lays, a speed control system guarantees the precise location of the sheet.
  • Vernier calibration is adjusted manually for accuracy and ease of operation
  • The side lays have a pull or push facility which can be adjusted easily by one screw
  • Improved conveying belt

Platen Press Section

  • Synchronized energy transferring
  • Servo motor for pressure adjustment
  • 3mm + 1.2mm combined type lower plate. The bottom plate will have a Vernier calibration system which can be used to adjust the plate in two directions.
  • The gripper bar is built from specially treated ultra-hard aluminum alloy. To improve the high register accuracy, the gripper bars uses paten designs with an adjusting mechanism.
  • Main drive chains are imported and are a specially strengthened chain design. The stress resistance of the chain is increased by 46% which improves stability and accuracy of the machine, it also improves the longevity of chains’ life span.
  • Foil section are equipped with 20 individual heated zones. The heating controls are imported and guarantees a long life span.
  • Tool less operation made possible by our pneumatic locking device.

Key advantages

  • Overcome the constraint of one main platen press section on normal foil-stamping machine. This Two main platen press section machine can produce any two combinations from foil-stamping, embossing, and die-cutting in one pass.
  • Two time stamping process or stamping plus die-cutting can be finished by one time sheet fed, this will improve efficiency dramatically, reduce labor cost and scrap rate.

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See what the 960SS can do

Max sheet size 920mm x 650mm
Min sheet size 360mm x 320mm
Max die cutting size 910mm x 630mm
Stock range 0.1-2mm (paper)
Max working Force 200T
Max working speed 5000 s/h die-cutting / 5000s/h stamping
Heating system 20 heating zones / 40 ~ 180C