Mk1020II/EII Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Platen Die-cutting Machine

Mk1020II/EII Die Cutting Machine

Product highlights

Fast, Accurate, Stable, Reliable = High Return on Investment!

The MK1020II/EI machine is capable of high speed operation at 8,500 sheets die cut each hour, and a stripping speed of 7,500 sheets each hour. This is an average improvement of 1,000 sheets per hour from conventional die-cutting machines.

A quick calculation to show the higher value for your business:
With a 20h/day operation @ 300 days per year this will enhance yield by 600 million sheets each year

The MK1020 series has 250 tons of maximum working force and in terms dimensions it is 4750L x 5000W (incl. Platform) x 2110H and weighs in at about 15 tons.

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See what the Mk1020II/EII can do

Technical Data Mk1020II/EII
Max sheet size 1020mm x 720mm
Min sheet size 400mm x 350mm
Max die cutting size 1020mm x 705mm
Inner chase size 1074mm x 749mm
Gripper margin 9~17mm
Convertible Stock 90~2000g/m2 paper / 0.1-2mm paper / ≤4mm corrugated
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.075mm / MK1020II: 4750(L) x 5000(W:Platform included) x 2110(H)
Max working force 250 ton
Max working speed 7500s/h (die cutting)
Max feeder pile height 1400mm(wooden pallet included)
Fast-lock frame device Optional
Full load wattage 21.2KW
Air Supply 0.6~0.7Mpa flow rate:≥0.6m3/min
Net weight About 15 tons