MK1050E Die Cutting Machine

The MK1050E offers scale type sheet feeding with a speed of 7,500 sheets per hour. The machine uses 4 sturdy lift suction cups and 5 carried suction cups constructed from light alloyed aluminum.

1060M/MF Die Cutting Machine

Product highlights

The MK1050 is adaptable and can handle multiple sheet configurations. It is also furnished with a treble protector for the feeder head and micro-adjustment for feeding sheets. This enables for non-stop process and production, maximizing output.

We use parts from branded suppliers in manufacturing our premier machinery; the belt for feeding sheets is imported, as is the brand vacuum pump (famous supplier).

The air blowing device is capable of transversal direction. Timing control for sheets in the machine is through the PLC as well as the electric cam.

The MK1050 is capable of automatic change over from the main feed pile and aux pile to ensure that feeding is continuously.

We know that this feature set with Masterwork’s legendary quality and service mantra will create a very compelling value proposition for your company.

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See what the MK1050E can do

Technical Data MK1050E
Max sheet size 1050mmX750mm
Min sheet size 400mmX360mm
Max die cutting size 1040mmX740mm
Gripper margin 9~17mm
Inner chase size 1120mm x 786mm
Stock range 90~2000g/m2 / 0.1~2mm paper / ≤4mm corrugated
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.1mm
Maximum pressure 2.5MN
Maximum working speed 7500s/h
Maximum sheet feeding pile 1550mm (with pallet)
Maximum sheet delivery pile 1400mm (with pallet)
Overall dimension 5800mmx4500mmx2450mm
Weight Apr.17000kg
Power of the main motor 11KW
Full-loaded power 16.9KW
Air requirement pressure: 0.6~0.7Mpa / volume>0.37 m3/min