The fastest and the most stable inspection machine on the market.

Automatic Inspection Machine MK420/550QMINI

Automatic Sheet Fed Inspection Machine
Used to inspect Printing, Bar Code Printing, Embossing, Foil Stamping, Laser Printing & Die Cutting

420Qmini Automatic Inspection Machine

Product highlights

The MK420/550QMINI automatic inspection machine is a critical piece of equipment to any printing companies that require 100% quality inspection.

The MK420/550Qmini uses multiple high fidelity CCD cameras with up to 8K resolution to detect flaws in Foil stamping, embossing, debossing, color, Barcode printing, and Laser Printing.

Our user-friendly software along with MK’s stable mechanical foundations allow quick and easy make ready.

Carton inspection machines ensure that errors become non-existent with the least amount of effort required, and your customers are fully satisfied with the product they receive.

Product features

Adjustable light source
Products with different properties will have different effects under different lights. The traditional light field used by other brands in the market cannot make the optimum adjustment according to different products. The patent light source employed in MK series inspection machines (Patten: 201020002123.6) can be controlled via software and make accurate adjustments through computer-based control.

Three types of feeder for various package stocks.

Standard knife feeder
Standard on the machine, for a regular paper surface, this is a standard option.

Roll over feeder
Roll over feeder is used to roll carton over during feeding, so the printed side does not touch the knives on the feeder section.
(protects against scratches on soft coating.)

Suction cup feeding
-Similar to a feeder on 40″ print finishing machine, this is suitable for large sheet with a soft surface)

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See what the MK420QMINI can do

Technical Data MK420QMINI
The maximum sheet size 1060mmX760mm / 41.73 x 29.92In
The minimum sheet size 400mmX360mm / 15.75 x 14.17In
The maximum die cutting size 1040mmX745mm 41.14 x 29.33In
Gripper margin 9~17mm (0.35~0.67)
Inner chase size 1120mm x 779mm / 44.09x 39.66In
Stock range Sheet Weight(g/m2) 90 ~ 2000g / Sheet Thickness 0.1 ~ 2mm
Die cutting accuracy Less then 4 mm (corrugated paper)
Maximum pressure 2.6MN
Maximum working speed 7700s/h
Maximum sheet feeding pile 1150mm 45.27In (With Pallet)
Maximum sheet delivery pile 1000mm 39.37In (With Pallet)
Overall dimension 6177mm x 4160mm x 2100mm / 243.18 x 163.78 x 82.68 (inch)
Weight Apr. 17T