MK550P Automated Packaging Machine

We have designed the MK550P to streamline your production process. The value add is integration with other Masterwork machines. You can connect the MK550P for example, to our folder gluer machines to enable continuous production to packaging. This is a significant savings in time and effort.

1060M/MF Die Cutting Machine

MK550P Autopack Machine

The MK550P Autopack machine can be lined up and connected with folder gluer machines. Depending on the situation, foundational work to prepare connection is usually client responsibility (we can work this out with you).

It is essential that our technical team is consulted to ensure that prep work meets specifications to work seamlessly.

Once installed the MK550P can produce 140,000 pieces per hour with 4 row box lines by 5 box layers.

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See what the MK550P can do

Technical Data MK550P
Convertible box type standard 4/6 corner box
Convertible stock 200-700g / sq.m
Convertible standard box size (folded) Maximum width:380mm /Maximum length:550mm / Minimum width:50mm / Minimum length:100mm
Convertible carton size Max carton size: 580x620x400mm (WxLxH) / Min carton size: 160x300x100mm (WxLxH)
Maximum number of box lines 4 rows
Maximum number of box layers 5 layers
Maximum production efficiency 140000 piece/hour
Weight About 2 ton
Full Load Voltage 10KW
Dimensions 4105mm X 2000mm X 2500mm