Automatic Platen Die Cutting Machine MK1060ERsl

Automatic Platen Die-cutting Machine with Stripping and Blanking


Product highlights

The MK1060ERsl is designed to maximize your output, some of the key enabling features are:

Non-stop Sampling to reduce waste and improve quality

  • The MK1060ERsl lets the operator take samples at any time during the operation; the sample will be sent to the sampling table for inspection. It is critical for the operators to have this, as being able to check for issues during a rapid production to make changes in time will help reduce the downtime on the machine, reduce waste and improve the consistency of the final products.

Automatic Logistic System to reduce labor input

  • The Automated Logistic System is made to reduce labor and labor intensity; this is done by enabling automatic paper feeding and automatic transferring of paper piles and pallet to the exact working position for easy and convenient operation.
  • The Automated Logistic System can be operated by an advanced interface to ensures precise operations that are tailored to your needs.
  • The system has been installed and worked in production for years; its stable performance will help to optimize the whole process of the production.

Automatic Chase Loading System for greater efficiency

  • The chase loading system in the MK1060ERsl is what ultimately sets this die-cutter apart from its competition. This system sets the new standards for one-man operation.
  • This system allows users to store chase and die boards within the die-cutting section. This means that the operator can quickly change between dies by themselves with the help of the machine. This ensures a safer operation that significantly reduces the time between job change.

Unsurpassed Value

  • MK1060ERsl reflects a premium offering by Masterwork and offers great value. The machine features several innovations and imported parts making it one of the most competitive choices in the 40-inch blanker market.

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See what the MK1060ERsl can do

Technical Data MK1060ERsl
Max sheet size 1060mm x 760mm
Min sheet size 400mm x 350mm
Max die cutting size 1060mm x 745mm
Gripper margin 1060mm x 740mm
Inner chase size 1096mmX770mm
Stock range 90~2000g/m2 paper / 0.1~2mm paper / ≤4mmcorrugated
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.075mm
Max die cutting speed 6500s/h die cutting
Max feeder pile height 1550mm (wooden pallet included)
Max delivery pile height 1200mm (wooden pallet included)
Overal dimension 7050mm(L)x 4500mm(W platform included)x 2600mm(H)
Net weight 20 tons
Full load wattage 23.2KW
Air requirements 0.6~0.7MPa / flow rate:≥0.8m3/min