MK1060ST Foil Stamping Machine

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MK1060ST Foil Stamping Machine

Product highlights

MK1060ST Automatic Platen Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine can handle large format die cutting and stamping with longitudinal and transversal foil pull systems. The advanced vacuum feed table (optional) can substantially enhance sheet feeding stability. Ergonomic designs along with pneumatic locking device help reduce the operator workload. Shorter time for replacing plates and user-friendly operation will contribute to reduce downtime and increase production.


  • Pneumatic locking device
  • 20 Heated Zones
  • Transversal and Longitudinal foil pull
  • Quick payback on investment

The MK pneumatic locking system (patent ZL200520026596.9) for the plate frameworks locks the plate framework automatically without the need for tools. This device gives a time-saving benefit for the operator.

The Stamping Section is equipped with four advance shafts .This ensures smooth, accurate foil feeding with excellent tension control properties, and the foil unwinds with an error tolerance of 1mm, which results in foil savings.

20 independent heating zones are controlled by an accurate PID heating system developed by Masterwork Machinery. The PID system provides variable and even temperature across the stamping section.

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See what the MK1060ST can do

Technical Data MK1060ST
Max sheet size 1060mm x 760mm
Min sheet size 400mm x 350mm
Max die cutting size 1060mm x 745mm
Max stamping size 1060mm x 740mm
Gripper margin 9~17mm
Inner chase size 1120mm X 770mm
Stock range 90~2000g/m2 (paper) / 0.1~2mm (paper) / ≤4mm (corrugated)
Max working force 260 tons
Max working speed 7500 s/h (die cutting) 7000 (s/h stamping)
Max feeder pile height 1250mm (wooden pallet included)
Max delivery pile height 1050mm (wooden pallet included)
Max diameter of foil roll in longitudinal ф250mm
Widest dimension of foil roller in transversal ф200mm
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.075mm(Die cutting and stamping) / ≤±0.20mm (Hologram stamping)
Full load wattage 54.9KW
Heating system 20 heating zones,40~180℃ Adjustable
Width of the foil 20~1060mm
Overall dimension 6100mm(L)x4560mm(W)x2265mm(H)
Air supply 0.6~0.7MPa ≥0.8m3/min
Net weight About 20 tons