MK 1450ER Platen Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Platen Die-cutting Machine with Stripping and Blank Seperation

Die Cutting Machine MK1450ERS

Product highlights

The MK1450ER is a 3 simultaneous function automatic die cutting, stripping and blanking machine. We designed the MK1450ER to meet the needs of modern businesses looking to consolidate production processes and increase throughput. This machine delivers on every parameter.

The MK1450 has a non-stop fast speed paper feeder unit, dual sliding side regulation and single point positioning electromagnetic clutch. The machine also features finished product collection.

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See what the MK 1450ER can do

Technical Data MK1450ER
Maximum sheet size 1450mmX1080mm
Minimum sheet size 580mmX450mm
Maximum die cutting size 1450mmX1050mm
Convertible stock Cardboard: 0.1-2.0mm (90-2000 gsm) / Corrugated: ≤5mm
Max. feeder pile height 1600mm
Max. delivery pile height 1400mm
Maximum speed 6500 sheets per hour
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.15mm
Max. die cutting force 600 metric tons
Main motor Wattage 18.5 KW
Power supply 380/50Hz/3-phase with grounding
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 9500x5050x3000
Weight 35tons