Duopress Machine Model MK21060SER

Embossing, Die Cutting, Foil Stamping, Stripping, and Blank Separation

MK21060SER Duopress Machine

Product highlights

The MK21060SER makes use a of a unified centerline system, while tools are combined with a Vernier regulation system. Our enhanced foil control systems are designed to regulate and ensure precise foil feeding. The MK21060SER also utilizes a multi-function blank separation section. This gives opportune conversion between blank separation to sheet delivery. In addition the device is fitted out with automatic finished product pile delivery to stack product to reduce time and effort for your employees.

Product features

  • Running at a Speed of 6.000 sh/Std. This, in reality, is 12.000 sh/h plus, depending on the process
  • 20 different, independently controlled heating zones
  • Up to 6 pull shafts in running direction, and 2 pull shafts in cross direction in each foil platen.
  • Quick-lock frames, fine-adjustment of cutting plate and stripping and blanking tools.
  • Chase changer, Sample sheet removal during running production as well as Pneumatic clamping of the tools all facilitates easy handling and minimum downtime.

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See what the MK21060SER can do

Technical Data MK21060SER
Max sheet size 1060mmX760mm
Min sheet size 400mm×350mm
Max die cutting size 1060mmX745mm
Max stamping size 1060mmX740mm
Inner chase size 1120mmX770mm
Stock range 90~2000g/m2 (paper) / 0.1~2mm (paper) / ≤4mm (corrugated)
Max die cutting force 2.5MN
Max die cutting speed 6000s/h(die cutting) ; 6000s/h(foil stamping)
Max feeder pile height 1400mm(wooden pallet included)
Max delivery pile height 1130mm(wooden pallet included)
Widest dimension of in longitudinal ф250mm
Widest dimension of in transversal ф200mm
Main motor wattage 18.5KW
Number of heating zones 20 heating zones 40~180℃ Adjustable
Dimension of the foil 20~1060mm
Press 1 foil advance shafts 3 longitudinal & 2 transversal
Reserved foil-stamping function for press 2 Foil-stamping function as option
Net weight approx 33000kg
Air requirement 0.6~0.7Mpa flow rate:>1 m3/min
Accuracy of overprint ≤ ± 0.10mm